Most of you could have sworn that Coke-Studio Africa couldn’t get any better, but they keep surprising us each and every year. No disappointments this year either, and here’s why.

Jason Derulo is coming around ladies.

Apart from being graced with two of the hottest music producers in Africa-DJ Maphorisa from South Africa and Masterkraft from Nigeria, we will gladly be hosting American Top RnB/Pop singer and dancer Jason Derulo.

Jason Derulo1

2017 Coke Studio brings the Mega Platinum star: a new-school, multi-talented creative giant who has sold over 50 million singles and impressively achieved 11 platinum singles including ‘Wiggle’, ‘Whatcha’ Say’, and his latest banger Swalla.

Ever since it was confirmed that Jason will be coming to Kenya in June, ladies have gone ape! I bet what am about to tell you is not new, but who knows? Maybe there are people who just don’t understand so let me just explain it to them in a nutshell. Jason is one hot mess!! This is why:

1. Most definitely his voice. He can do all types of songs and in as much as he mainly does R&B, he can also rap real good!

2. His moves. This guy can groove I tell you, and he makes sure that his dancers match his energy and perfection too. That’s one of the things that make his music videos so interesting.

3. Smile. He will melt your wall with his captivating and warm smile.

4. Jason has the most alluring set of pink, fleshy lips. I wouldn’t want to go further on this.

5. Orange Jacket. If you haven’t seen Jason in his Orange Jacket then you haven’t seen anything yet. Let’s not even talk about the price or the brand or anything like that. Because honestly, it’s not the jacket. It’s the man in it.

6. He’s got undeniable swag. Jason doesn’t just dress because he has to. He dresses to impress. No lie. His looks are expensive, from head to toe, and if you’ve seen his cloth line, it is top notch. His brand is what you’d wear to the club, it is what you’d wear to the office, it is what you’d wear to on stage, what you’d wear or carry on a day out. In short, it is everything!!

7. His eyes alone can tell stories, teaming with emotion and energy, sparkling and irresistibly charming under the unfairly perfect set of eyebrows.

8.The strength and beastly beauty in this man is just indescribable. You can tell from his well-defined muscles and abs that will leave you oogling for days!

9.The tattoos. As he says, his body is a canvas and all his inkings have a deeply personal meaning for him. Well,it’s not like that means much to us but damn don’t they look fine!

10. His Locks. This is one we didn’t expect but seriously, when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they just did. You thought he was already luring enough in short hair, check him out now.