13007291_865723100225305_5151408201143257762_nAward-winning gospel singer Bahati must be a lucky man. The woman he wants to marry is hard working. Elizabeth Lulu is not only good at doing what she does best (acting) but also she is exhibiting wife material traits.

Earlier this year, Bahati poured out his feelings to Lulu saying that he is in love with her and he would like to settle down with her and ever since then, the sexy actress cum model has become like a chewing gum in the mouths of many.13240614_877820365682245_5028485966718623177_n

Just recently, Lulu shocked many after she posted a photo in the village helping with the cooking. Many did not believe this, as Lulu is a city girl who cannot do such work. Well, Bahati’s fans gave him a pat on the back congratulating him for choosing the “best”.

Kenyan gospel singer, Bahati  publicly announced that he was in  love with Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Michael and would be privileged to date herTwo weeks after his announcement, the sultry actress has replied to his proposal ELIZABETH_LULU

A while ago, gospel singer Bahati made news when he tendered his interest in dating Elizabeth Lulu, an award winning Tanzanian model. The singer wrote an  update saying that the only thing that would make him truly happy was dating the comely model cum actress.

A few weeks into it, the actress has responded to the gospel artists’s wish to date her. Her reply was short and did not exactly say when she was going to accept the gospel artist’s proposal or not.13082536_866735706790711_2279659638834373648_n

“aaaaw, Tanzanian actress responds to singer Bahati's proposal to date herTanzanian actress responds to singer Bahati's proposal to date herTanzanian actress responds to singer Bahati's proposal to date herTanzanian actress responds to singer Bahati's proposal to date herTanzanian actress responds to singer Bahati's proposal to date her came the reply on her Instagram.

Her reply came after scores of Tanzanian and Kenyan fans milled on her Instagram imploring her to reply to Bahati on his sensational proposal.

“Nikiweza mpata Lulu Elizabeth Michael nitatulia kabisa. Mtaacha kusikia nikiitwa single boy, Millard Ayo akileta #StoryZaBongo mwambieni nimemtuma apeleke hizi habari kwa Elizabeth Michael,” (If it was possible for me to get Lulu, I would settle down for good. You would no longer hear the jeers that I’m still single. Tell Millard Ayo that I have sent him to tell Elizabeth, the singer wrote13082491_866985353432413_3995536892188284906_n

Her reply, according to a colleague of mine who fancies himself an expert with women, might be an innocent way of saying,”aaaaw, cute, I love that you think I’m all sweet but I’m not interested for now. It is a polite No”

My lady on the other hand, seems to differ. The reply, short as it is might be construed as a show of acceptance, notice the blushing face. It might be  a happy day for Bahati as the girl waits for him to make his next move.12919845_1702117783364442_8498877490727976744_n

The only hitch in the whole arrangement is the fact that Bahati  is three years younger than actress. There is that thing that women love to say about age and maturity. I believe we have seen what Bahati does when the going gets tough.

We wish our brother well.

Lulu has been named as one of the prettiest, most decorated  Tanzanian actresses. She has in her name, a string of awards bagged from an illustrious acting career.

Lulu who has been acting since she was five bagged a major award alongside  Tanzanian actor, Richie Mtambalike.The duo was  announced as winners of Best Movie in East Africa at the Africa Magic movie awards 2016 which took place in Nigeria.