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Excuse me ladies, let’s all agree, each time you see Bien Aime’s image, your mind runs naughty all the way to your love pocket! Apparently, Bien’s charm towards the opposite gender has not just started.

In his latest piece posted on his blog The True Bien Aime, Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime nostalgically shares his experience in primary school and why his parents moved him to boarding school, a move he didn’t like at first but it later proved to be one of the most memorable experiences in his life.

Apparently, Bien’s charm didn’t start when he started his singing career, he had it from when he was little.

Ben Aime
Ben Aime

Even as my mother kissed me on my forehead and promised me it would be ok, I didn’t cry. I watched her and my dad drive out of the school compound. It was a Saturday afternoon so I had enough time to cushion myself from the immediate shock of class. The new kids were super friendly; I remember them fighting to have my attention,” he writes.

But it was what he and his new found friends did with sausages that he fondly remembers, and couldn’t resist writing about.

“One particular kid asked me if I ate sausage and though I didn’t understand why then I just said yes. He instantly lost interest in me. That night after what was Saturday Entertainment we retired to the dorms and one word filled the air – ‘SUNDAY SAUSAGE’. After making inquiries, I finally served my mounting thirst to discover that it all came from the fact that at school, they only served sausages once a week.”

Bien says sausage was the main currency in school and was used for any and every transaction, from paying debts, to getting someone to do your homework in return for a sausage, bailing yourself out of a punishable offence, or for keeping things hidden.