An obsessed Kenyan celebrity, source has uncovered, she received the tattoo of Tanzanian Bongo star, Ali Kiba. A source close to the girl tells us that Kiba and the girl are in constant contact and she want’s to meet him.

This Kenyan girl is so obsessed with Ali Kiba that she will do anything to have him. Have him close to her bosom,  where no one will  ever take hi m away from her.

0fgjhs5e7d29lc2hg-7fdf60e7Bridget Achieng is so crazily in love with Ali Kiba that she got his name tattooed on her forearm

Now, the level of obsession is too much that she has resorted to inking herself permanently with a huge tattoo of Alikiba’s name on her forearm- where everyone can see it.


Bridget Achieng in these past photos

The black ink, juxtaposed against her light complexion and standing out as a reminder of the crazy things women will do whey they adore a man.


Achieng is a fashion stylist and a one-time socialite. When she came into being, she threatened to unseat Vera Sidika and her ilk by taking over a throne that she felt she rightfully deserved.


0fgjhs23188e5b093-ba4491c4Last month, a Kenyan girl shared screengrabs from her phone alleging that she had slept with Ali Kiba when he came to Kenya for his Mombasa concert.