Money is good and can buy anything including happiness. If you doubt this, ask the city millionaires like Akothee and Starehe parliamentary seat aspirant Steve Mbogo.olivia-apondi-90-315x420


Well, time seems to have come for decorated richest Kenyan singer Akothee to pave way for the new wealthy lass, Catherine Olivia Apondi. Just like any other rich Kenyan, Olivia is living large.

She is based in Oslo, Norway. Olivia is never afraid of showing off what she owns. She has been posting photos of her opulent lifestyle on social media; from flaunting bottles of expensive champagne to designer clothes, bags and accessories she is indeed living large.


Although it’s not clear whether Olivia was born into a rich family or she has worked hard for her money. Her lavish life has left many green with envy. Any time she posts a photo, the wealthy lass will ensure that  she includes prices of everything she dons; scarfs, shoes, and even bags.


“Mhh stepping out don’t judge Channel jumbo flag bag 5800 dollars or 460000sillings Valentino noir shoes 1200 dollars or 85000 shillings watch mark Jacobs 60000 shillings or 6000 kronor earings HM yap 800 shillings colour poo 1800 shillings tom ford 80000 shillings. Najua ni bei ya Shamba na mashamba ndio priority work hard and in God’s time he will provide.”

Olivia posted on Facebook accompanied by this photo.




Olivia Apondi has become the subject of discussion on social media and here is what she has to tell her ‘haters’

“It’s funny and such a Pity how women can hate or rant on other fellow women whom they clearly don’t know of because of who they simply are. This makes me continue toiling hard if you women can’t empower each other then be a loner and suck on it .wanawake wana shida proper!!!. Only love.

Wewe keep on ranting ,gossiping and discussing how another person is living while you at it that other person is calculation and building their lives,tackling every challenge and absolutely rewarding themselves with no holding back. Sit back relax have a popcorn and coke the theatre is about to open to another person’s world.drum role !!!!!!!!¡!!wait for it. Have a fruitful week.”

Here are more photos of Olivia, check them out