Seems like Akothee and Size are thinking about a career change. The two stars took to Instagram to post clips which have them DJing. But, the question is, who is better between the two?Both Akothee and gospel singer Size 8 are well known singers.

But, it seems like they might be looking at other entertainment areas to venture into soon. The two singers took to Instagram to show their DJ prowess which many fans ended up agreeing is not so good.


Size 8, who is married to a top Kenyan DJ – DJ Mo – seemed to have an advantage over Akothee, but AKothee looked more experienced than her with the decks.

Akotheecould operate the machines and actually mix a few luo songs.


Size 8 basically just touches the mixer here and there and that’s it. The rest is about her imitating her husband Mo.

Akothee video’s was shot sometime in 2015 while Size 8’s is just a day old.

How about you became the judge and sample who mixed best in the two videos below: