kenyan_singerOf late, fans of sexy secular singer Lady Nanaa are wondering if she has given her life to Christ. If she has, Nanaa will join Singer Size 8 who made the decision to live her life for the Lord, away from the sinful world.

For a while now, speculation has been rife that Nanaa may have joined Size 8 in the gospel club.

Size 8 quit secular music and joined the other side. And indeed, God’s blessings were upon her. Size 8’s first gospel track, Mateke was an instant hit. The other singles that followed also rose up the chats and proved that Size 8 is a force to reckon with in the gospel music arena.


Nanaa may be making her way to the more conservative gospel music industry if her social media posts are anything to go by. She has replaced her racy social media photos with more sober one and all her updates have a bible verse, or two to motivate and uplift her fans.

She is working on her debut album Kikaragosi which is said to contain a lot of gospel singles.


In one of her posts, Nanaa writes, “Jesus christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.Hebrews 13:8…….Arise and shine lovely people.”

Another one reads,“Father, I am grateful that you heal the broken-hearted and bind up our wounds. I’m a wounded. Some of these wounds are from my own sinful and foolish choices. other wounds are caused by the hand of another. Lord, I want these to be healed. I know that praying for healing might mean that you will have to reopen wounds to give redemption in these areas. Heal the places in my heart that are broken. Bind up my wounds. Overwhelm me with your grace and mercy. Where there were once ashes, replace them with your beauty. Amen.”10600648_843997818967568_1226690160115910674_n-483x483

I pray Nanaa gets a mentor in the gospel industry so that she grows and continues on her path.