Former NTV news anchor Elizabeth Ntonjira will have a wedding soon. This is after she took online to share her Ruracio and her excitement for the wedding.0fgjhs5pppgvgnm9v-cfd9e58f

                                                    Elizabeth Ntonjira

The 29-year-old Elizabeth Ntonjira is about to get married and she can’t hide her excitement.

The former news anchor posted photos of her Ruracio held recently in an undisclosed place in Nairobi that had a really nice African theme.

Ruracia is a kikuyu ceremony when the man goes to the lady’s parents to pay dowry before the wedding.



Ntonjira bid goodbye to her anchoring job at Nation Media Group in 2013 and became a motivational speaker and a Policy facilitator, learning specialist in East and Southern Africa.

She has been focusing on this and has stayed away from TV since leaving.


She announced her engagement early his year on social media.

Ntonjira, who now tries as much as she can to keep her life private after leaving TV, also said that she’s excited about the wedding which will be held soon. She didn’t reveal any further details.



Here is a video from Lizz that shows her current venture: