Tanzanian bongo star Ali Kiba has been linked to a Mombasa based socialite called Rahima Faisal. The two were linked when purported Whatapp sexts between Rahima and Ali Kiba leaked online. Ali Kiba was begging for nunu from the socialite. Now, gossip pundits claim Rahima’s pregnancy was Ali Kiba’s.

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This news comes in the Wake of Ali Kiba’s similar drama where a teenager claims she is pregnant for him. Abdul Kiba commented on the issue. Read it below.

Back to Ali Kiba, he is rumoured to have fathered the socialite’s child. Unfortunately, Rahima took to social media to announce the sad new of a miscarriage.

14379801_680243135458789_2063318092918763810_o-e1477544632921Rahima wrote, “Sorry guys I wont be online for sometime now…its a trial time for me, I know things happen for a reason I just lost someone I really care for and someone I had really been attached to for such a short time.”

Rahima who has been nominated for the Pwani Awards under the Social Media Personality Of The Year category, was referring to her miscarriage.

In another post she gives her followers a glimpse into her relationship with Ali Kiba and what he said about her baby.


Rahima wrote,
“i have loved, i have lost, i have been judged by people who dont even know me let alone my last name, i have been through shit this 1 and a half month..but still i chose to stay strong,let people judge whatever they want to… i lost my unborn baby but i still stayed strong..never reacted even when the baby daddy never took responsibility…i think its about time people stop judging others,you never know what that person is or has been going through. i kept fake friends closer while i pushed the real ones further,they talked,the bitched..but am still strong.I am a power woman..
to all women feeling low, dont let anyone pull you down be strong.”


She also subarued a few of her friends whom called “nyokas”.
 She added, “Have you ever thought you giving undivided support to people who don’t support you at all?? I heard that there’s strength in loyalty not numbers..its about time I make my circle smaller so that my visions could be brighter… its cut em season.. I’d rather have one loyal person that’s me than lots of unloyal people… (Sic).”