Haters will cry after seeing the inside of Zari and Diamond’s expensive South African mansion. The East Africa’s Kanye and Kim have been giving many critics sleepless nights ever since they publicly announced they were an item. Many seem not to be happy that Diamond and Zari are married, and of late, we have seen haters who hide under hashtag #TeamWemaSepetu spread rumors and lies about the two. Just a few weeks ago, Diamond Platnumz surprised many after he bought his wife Zari a multi-million mansion in Pretoria, South Africa.


This did not go down well with the so-called haters. They have been dying of jealousy, envying Zari. Some have even made her a topic of discussion on social media.

The strong mother of four has not let haters deter her from loving her family, and she has forged ahead to prove that their opinions don’t matter. But why talk about Zari yet she is married and has everything she wants in this world, while you are busy struggling to make ends meet and still chasing around old grandfathers? It’s high time women learn to love, respect and support each other, instead of bringing others down.

Well, Zari and her husband have been sharing photos of their super-expensive mansion, leaving many envying their lifestyle. To rub salt into the wound, the Ugandan city businesswoman and socialite has once again left tongues wagging after she shared videos of the house (interior). Eiish! The interior is dope! It looks like a palace. Dear haters, while you are busy hating, here is the video of Zari’s mansion: