Radio Citizen’s Mzazi Willy M Tuva is arguably one of the most decorated radio hosts in Kenya thanks to his Mambo Mseto show that is a decade old.


Tuva with the kids after school.

Tuva has built a career that spans many years, and along the way he has rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty in society and the world over.

Among the people he is extremely close to is Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone.


Tuva eacting with the kids in Kampala.

The two are known buddies, with their friendship extending to their young families.

This tells you why the two normally visit each other when the kids are on holiday.


Tuva and the kids hang out with Jose Chameleone (left)

In 2014, Chameleone flew his kids to Kenya and they were pictured spending time with Tuva’s family.

This time round, Tuva has flown his two adorable kids Tinya and Tanya to Kampala to spend time with Chameleone’s family.


From left: Chameleone, Tinya, Tuva and Tanya.

In the photos he has shared, the two can be seen having quality time together at Chameleone’s place.

Now that is called building a network.