Kenyans have marveled at a Kenyan rapper who is deaf and mute but who has nevertheless taken over the local scene. He uses an intricate method that involves not just complex songwriting but also interpreters. After wowing the president in a past event, Lal Daggy got an invite to State House for dinner with the Kenyatta’s.

You’ve probably not heard his voice on radio, or requested his song to the DJ or even seen him give a killer of a show in a town near you… And guess what, it’s all YOUR fault. Not his.

To know Lal Daggy, you’ve gotta go out and look for him, search for his sound, his inclination and his pull – he’s a deaf rapper who has REFUSED to let his hearing limitations bar him from pursuing a dream he’s always held close to his heart.

Lal Daggy, unlike your average rapper, is a rapper who spits some of the hottest rhymes with the sickest beats – using an intricate method that involves not just complex songwriting but also interpreters too.

The ambitious young lad first stormed into the limelight after his song Story ya Machampions became a smash hit.

In Story ya Machampions, Lal Daggy incorporated the help of Genge ace Nonini as he spat rhymes of his past, his struggles, his journey to stardom and his status in society.

Watch the song below:

Produced at Johari Cleff, this is a song that moved many and touched a cord in the souls of a bunch. And continues to be a classic.

One of those people who seem to be enamored and enthralled by the magic of Lal Daggy is none other than President Uhuru Kenyatta who not only accorded him audience at an event at Strathmore but also extended him a welcome to the hallowed halls of the State House

“Uhuru was smitten and taken away by the sheer strength, determination and musical prowess of a disabled man who is intent in rapping and entertaining like anyone else, ” says Jared Getanda, one of Daggy’s duo of managers from Signs Media Kenya.

The rapper, with a sick fashion sense and a very cheery outlook on life was not just invited to the State House – but also promised help of whichever proportion by the President!

“It came as a surprise to us. Lal Daggy has been out and about. Met people and stuff. Traveled and everything, but this really is the icing on the cake. It’s the peak of his musical interactions, ” adds Kizito, the other half of Lal Daggy’s management

President Uhuru Kenyatta has in the past invited exceptional talents to State House or to Government events as he continues to nurture talent and appreciate the wonders and magic of the arts.

People like the Otongolo boy (who the President later adopted) have had their talents and entry into fame and superstardom boosted by the President himself.