The Royal media services had an end of year part at the Afraha stadium Nakuru and it ended in a dramatic way after one of their own by the name Kambua elicited anger to Netizens.

This came by  when she “Kambua” decided to act like a drama queen. According to viewers the Citizen TV presenter didn’t give other emcees equal chance to host the party.

It was clearly seen when Kambua took a mic away from Jeff Kuria. Other hosts just stood and watch as Kambua took over the emceeing job like she was the only host.

Netizens expressed their anger with Kambua on social media. Kenyans demanded an apology from the Citizen TV presenter for being very disrespectful to Jeff.

Kambua went ahead and apologized on her social media page.

However her apology was not taken to be a sincere one and Kenyans continued ranting.