Nigerian-born songwriter and singer Cynthia Morgan is one of the dancehall acts in the country.

Her bad gal attitude has made her a growing music brand in the music business. Cynthia Morgan after a few years in the underground music circuit signed to Jude Okoye’s North Side Entertainment in 2013.

She quickly released the singles ‘Lead Me On’, and ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ which became hit songs, not only in her home country, but African wise. She followed up with the smash dancehall tunes ‘I’m Taken’, and ‘German Juice’.

With her run of hits and music success, Cynthia Morgan has become one of the hottest young most sought after artistes in the country. She’s always in the eye of a storm.

While the buzz of her controversial picture (where she posed smoking while holding a toddler) is still hot, Pulse Nigeria decided to quiz and know more about the singer.

See the questions asked with the answers below.

1. What is Cynthia Morgan’s middle name?

2. Which state was Cynthia Morgan born in?

3. What year did she move to Lagos?

4. How many albums has she released?

5. Cynthia Morgan is nominated in this year’s Next R