Kiss FM is by far one of the most interesting radio stations in Kenya and we don’t even need to debate about that. Lol. With presenters like Shaffie Weru and Adelle Onyango, your morning is bound to be fantastic as they engage you in their crazy conversations, sure to keep you entertained on your morning commute.

You may know many of the presenters as just people who feed you with the latest trending stories but there are some things you may not know about them.

Well, lucky for you, I’m here to help you out on that…

Shaffie Weru is one electric guy who and is well recognised. You may hear his voice on the radio, cracking some hilarious jokes, but do you think you really know him? Keep reading to find out…

Here are six nomareee things you didn’t know about The Raverend;

1. You may have been asked a number of times when you lost your virginity and I’m pretty sure you lied. Well, Shaffie lost his virginity when he was only 12 years old. You may not believe it, but that’s what’s up.

2. The Raverend is a Nubi but his father figure is Kikuyu. That’s why the concept of tribalism is foreign to him.

3. He loves his drink but Shaffie Weru doesn’t drink whisky, ever. Give him another drink and he’s good to go.