8 Not-So-Obvious Relationship Milestones That Prove You Have Found True Love

A happy relationship doesn’t happen by accident. It is the byproduct of two people investing in each other’s well-being and happiness. Nurtured over years, it blooms into something wonderful. And as it grows, it crosses many milestones along the way. Some are big, ones you easily recognise, like celebrating an anniversary or moving in together. However, there are many subtle things that we don’t regard as milestones but actually, should.

Here are some not-so-obvious milestones that go out to show that you are in a happy relationship and deserve to celebrate it:

  1. Small arguments don’t come with the threat of a breakup.

You’ve had your fights, you’ve resolved them, moved past them and you’re still together. Minor bumps are now just that – minor bumps. You no longer fear that every time you hit a nerve, your partner will walk out on you.

2. You have am independent relationship with their family.

This may mean that you have become the buffer between your partner and their family, or that you genuinely get along well with them. Either way, if you are comfortable enough with your partner’s family, that goes out to show that you no longer see them as a baggage and have fostered a healthy enough dynamic for them to be able to trust you with their folks. Of course, the reverse applies as well. If you don’t panic each time your partner has a conversation with your family, then that shows that things between you two are going well.

3. You know where to find them when they’re upset.

They might head to the mall or a grocery store, or might just have a hideout spot in the back alley, or go running, or gorge on pancakes and whipped cream, or hide under the blanket curled up in the foetal position. If you know where to find your partner and what they’d be up to when they are upset, pat yourself on the back. Your relationship is a happy one because it means that they trust you enough to share this extremely personal detail of their life with you.

4. You know when they need space and when they need company

They don’t need to say it out loud anymore. You’ve learnt the cues, and you know when to leave them alone and when to sit by them, holding their hand. When they do need space, you are no longer overpowered by anxiety about why or whether they will ever find their way back to you. You feel secure in your relationship, and know that it isn’t anything to worry about.

5. There are some things you only do with them

Maybe it’s a TV show that the two of you watch together, or you go for a walk in the evening, or perhaps an ice cream run. These are rituals that the two of you have agreed upon, to nurture your relationship. It’s the good kind of routine which not only brings stability to your relationship but also creates a sacred space which only you and your partner are allowed to enter.

6. At the same time, you don’t do everything thing together

You have figured out what the two of you enjoy doing together, and you recognise that it is important to also have individual lives and interests. You also don’t see the point in making your partner do something that they don’t enjoy just because you want to do it. Boys / girls night outs are not something you resist or resent. It’s all cool!

7. You try new things together, even things you never thought you’d do

Being in a happy relationship makes one confident, and with confidence comes openness to try out new things. Whether it is an adventure sport or a new position in bed, you don’t mind it as long as you have your better half with you.

8. You are comfortable with silence

Sure, when you started seeing each other, you spent endless hours talking about everything under the sun. But now, you’ve reached a point where you are content just sitting next to each other, without feeling the urge to fill the space with words.