Ababu Namwamba has resigned as secretary general of ODM He announced the resignation Wednesday, July 7, in Kakamega

Ababu Namwamba has finally resigned as the Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

Speaking in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega county, the Budalangi MP announced that he has vacated his position as the party’s secretary general, and added that he will officially announce the decision and tender his resignation letter next week.

A section of ODM grassroot leaders from Busia county also resigned from their respective positions in solidarity with Ababu.


Ababu Namwamba is currently in a meeting where he was expected to announce his future in ODM.

His resignation comes days after party vice chairman Paul Otwoma  also tendered his resignation.

Ababu and his lieutenants from Western Kenya have complained of being sidelined by the party leadership.

He cited four instances that have made him reconsider his position in the party.

Among the issues Ababu has pointed out include a decision to rescind his announcement that the party elections board had been disbanded.

The legislator said that he was shocked when a junior officer in the party issued a statement rescinding his early announcement.

“After declaring to the whole world that the board would be disbanded, a junior officer from the secretariat released a statement contradicting me to my utter shock. I cannot be rallying to disband the national elections commission but protect a corrupt elections board in my party,” he said as quoted by Nation.

He also said that he was not involved when the party participated in the picking of Mogotio MP Hellen Sambili to the Joint Select Committee that will oversee electoral reforms demanded by the CORD.

Sambili, who was elected on a KANU ticket, rejected the nomination on grounds that she was not consulted and that the people of Mogotio had not given her permission to work with the opposition.

She argued that KANU is part of the Jubilee coalition and would go against its rules by representing the CORD.


Ababu holds a cooking stick, with speculation that his party new will use it as a symbol. He has resigned as ODM secretary general.

Ababu then cited the anti-IEBC protests that were called by the CORD for four Mondays. He said that he was not informed of the protests and would not be part of it.

He also accused the party of inconsistence saying the ODM structures have failed.

“The ODM party structures have failed. The issues we are raising are not personal. I have nothing against Raila who is my political mentor. The issues are shared with many other colleagues. They are structural and ideological. We want consistency,” he added.

He also rejected an offer by the TNA to join the Jubilee coalition ahead of the 2017 polls.

Ababu said TNA is not an option but would consider forming a formidable force.