If you are one who has been played over and over again and have virtually given up on true love, comedian Abel Mutua has a message crafted for you.


Comedian Abel Mutua has been married a year now

The top actor and script writer of “Hapa Kule news” has been married for one year now and while celebrity divorces seem to be the new black these days, Abel is most certainly enjoying his love life with his sweetheart.


Abel and his wife Judy Nyawira

He recently took to his social media to share the sweetest message to his wife to mark a year of union and I must admit, it was pretty smooth.

“I can’t believe it’s been one year already. Every day in this marriage has been proof to me that this was the right choice. I love you babe. 1 down. 99 to go. After we hit 100 please let’s see other people. Please.” Part of his post said


Isn’t this the sweetest thing you ever read?

We could only wish them the best in a world laden with marital dysfunction.

Watch a clip from Abel’s hit TV series below: