A celebrated singer has shocked the world with her atrocious confession on live TV – The artist, a popular face in the East African showbiz admitted to have aborted twice Abortion is a crime and a very wrong deed on all levels. While it is somewhat a ‘normal’ procedure nowadays, abortion is a topic that remains to be taboo to many people in africa.
Celebrated young songstress admits to procuring TWO abortions on live TV .Countless young girls and women have at one time in their lives procured abortions, but only a few have come out to talk about the procedure. Among them is a popular Tanzanian songstress who has shocked many with her appalling confession. Celebrated young songstress admits to procuring TWO abortions on live TV Linah.
Celebrated Bongo flava singer Linah, famed for her massive hit ‘Ulithemba’ recently made a public confession, admitting to have procured, not one abortion but two. Speaking in an interview with a Tanzanian TV station, Linah candidly revealed that she terminated two pregnancies.
According to the star, her father had warned all her daughters against getting pregnant out of wedlock. This, she said pushed her to do away with two pregnancies. “Nisiwe muongo nilishawahi kutoa mimba kipindi cha nyuma, nilikuwa naogopa kwasababu Baba yangu alikataa mtu kubeba mimba nje ya ndoa”She revealed.
 ‘’I will be lying if I don’t admit that I have aborted before.I was afraid because my dad did not condone anyone getting pregnant out of wedlock.’’ ‘’Mimba nimezitoa, siyo mara nyingi ila naweza kusema kama mara mbilii’’Linah added. ‘’I have aborted before but not more than twice.’’