This is big news!! Your favourite radio host Adelle Onyango finally decided to share a bit of her personal life, which she rarely does. Can you guess what it is?? Okay ..I know you do and that’s why you’re here but here goes..she is engaged! Isn’t that amazing?
This comes after quite a long wait right? About a week ago, she posted a photo of her and her man, which she captioned 🎶Diamonds ain’t nothin when I’m rockin with you
Well, we still don’t know who this mystery man is since she hid his face, but all we know is that he is one lucky man.
Why announce it now though? In an interview with The Star, this is what she had to say:
“Love should be celebrated just as loudly as we “celebrate” hate. Also we’ve enjoyed it with our family and friends for a long while so it’s OK for everyone else to know now”
The beautiful host has decided to announce her engagement in quite an unusual way…as you can see..and you are most probably wondering why. right?
“Because I hardly do anything in a normal fashion” she said. And that we have to agree with. She hardly does.
So…I bet you are eager to know when the big day am I! Too bad we have no idea..and neither does she. But be sure that she’ll let us know as soon as she does.

“When I know, you’ll know” she told the star.


We get it that she has been engaged for quite some time, so how did she manage to keep it a secret for that long?

“It wasn’t a secret, I never hid my ring. I just didn’t make it seem like all there was to me – and I genuinely wanted to enjoy it in the confines of my family

Well, we are really hoping that the wedding is just around the corner, next month maybe? Or the other? Hehe..I bet it will be the wedding of the year! Not only because we haven’t had any cool weddings this year, but even if there was, it still would be!

Congratulations Adelle!