The ‘Njoo’ crooner confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with her first born child. The former Kubamba host finally revealed the good news after many speculated that she had trouble conceiving. According to Tuko, “the good news came at a time she was facing massive criticism over her inability to sire with her hubby even after seven years in marriage. Kambua in a number of social media posts fought the trolls as she prayed to God to bless her and other women with children of their own. ”

Her good news was met with great support and congratulatory messages from fans. One said, ” Congratulations Kambua Gods blessings follow you ❤,”  while another spoke blessing upon her pregnancy saying, “Blessings 🙌 God be praised❤️.”

Kambua has been married to her husband Jackson Mathu for over 6 years and the bundle of joy will be the first child for the couple. Kambua previously spoke about her trouble getting pregnant and her struggles facing off against trolls online. According to SDE, she said “People will have an opinion over everything, over children. Today I saw a comment and deleted it because this guy commented on my Instagram and he says ‘When are you going to get pregnant, you’re getting old’”

In the report she also added, “I remember thinking, the reason why it angers me is because people don’t even know what your journey is like. They don’t know what you’re struggling with. They don’t know if you even what to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people especially today who are struggling with infertility. It so unfortunate that we become such a culture of being so intrusive and putting people down. Shamming each other on things like that. I would wish that people would be sensitized. I have people who are close to me who might not be at the fore front like I am but who go through that every day.”

Kambua is the second public personality to announce her pregnancy with Bahati and his wife Diana Marua taking to Instagram to confirm they are also expecting only days ago. According to The Sauce, the two, who have kept the news a secret had many speculating that Diana might be pregnant when images of their trip to Dubai became a discussion point for many online. The two have been creative with the pictures and angles, coyly avoiding all speculations of a baby on the way while on their babymoon.