What Is it really ailing mejja of kansoul? That is exactly what everybody was asking a week ago after Mejja posted that he was going for going for minor surgery. It wasn’t minor though.

His fans were confused and wondered what he was ailing from since he has been okey it seemed. It got serious when he said he was going for surgery. Though he had successful surgery he kept posting on how he was doing.

There were rumors that he had alcohol poisoning and was bed ridden which caused scare since he didn’t want to disclose what he was suffering from.

He has decided to clear the air and said he suffering from appendicitis. He said that he was suffering from appendix whereby he had appendectomy and he is doing just well.

“When Your Lyrics Come Back To Haunt u “NaTaka Nilewe Waite Ambulance” Lol When I Was Taken To Hospital Last Week Lol Ilikuwa Shida Ya Appendix Si Alcohol Wagenge GODBLESS,” he captioned the photo below.


‘kwani jana kuliendaje’ it was appendicitis and nothing was linked to alcohol. There you have, just chill all is well. Mejja who is known for his Gegge rap on advising the youth and the bond of the poor is loved for his Gegge music.