Rapper – AKA has been the talk on twitter this past weekend…And now into new week , he’s still the topic. The rapper flushed Hip Hop producer – Tweezy in a series of tweets for being ‘ungrateful’. Tweezy has previously worked with AKA in few of his songs including smash single ‘All Eyes on Me’.

The rapper took it to twitter on Monday afternoon calling out Tweezy ‘Tweezy needs to stop talking about me in interviews if he’s going to block me on Twitter. I don’t understand. ‘ he tweeted.

It then continued with more tweets:

I would also appreciate it if Tweezy could stop introducing himself as the person who “MADE” my songs. Those are collaborative efforts.

I’ve never been greedy with production credits …. I get enough credit. I have been happy to let niggas build with it.

Tweezy only helped with drums on Baddest for instance. Don’t let that “ayoba” tag fool you. I put it on there so HE could shine.

I brought day 1’s (Kwesta’s new single) to Kwesta …. It was intended for me. I INSISTED that it was perfect for him and he agreed.

It all started when the kid was hurt and shaded me because he couldn’t get backstage at the Metro’s … On some these are “his” nominations.

Every interview the kid is praising me … Showing me love 😕 It’s weird. Just be consistent man. I got love for you and i believe in you.

LEVELS goes platinum …. Then he starts talking bout, “I should make myself a plaque for all the records i sold” 😂😂😂😂 nigga what?!?!

Did I not promote he kid? Did I not consign him? Did I not put him on? Put him in the game? Smh …. Ungrateful.


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