Kenya’s self-proclaimed ‘richest singer’ loves her family and never shies away from stating it. She flaunts her riches on social media unlike other Kenyan celebrities and proudly enjoys her affluent lifestyle.

The benefactor hit-maker who owns a variety of luxury vehicles parked in her upscale Nairobi residences has added another one to the lot.

Akothee buys new vehicle for her large family

Depite having a range rover and several other luxury vehicles, she has added another vehicle on her list.

She shared the good news on social media saying the vehicle can carry her whole family, her two nannies and the family puppies.

Over the years she has continued to hold birthday parties in posh places, spending hundreds of thousands entertaining her friends, family and her close media allies.

The singer who bought an 18-karat gold designer glasses for her previous birthday at a price of KSh 124,000 has never shied away from spending.