Kenya’s richest female singer, Akothee, is mourning the loss of her unborn twins. She was hospitalised after she collapsed at a train station in Geneva, Switzerland. She paid them an emotional tribute as she thanked everyone for their prayers and support

Kenyan songstress Akothee on Thursday, September 1, paid an emotional tribute to her unborn twins following an incident in Switzerland.

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“I had lots of dreams and imaginations on how pink and blue would look like. Im sorry we didn’t meet here on eart but I believe we shall meet somewhere soon,” wrote Akothee on her Instagram account.

This part of the tribute gave rise to speculation that she could have been carrying both male and female children.

“I was so humbled to carry you around. And it was fun but also with challenges, well carrying a life inside a life is God’s creation, He has the powers to give and take at his own convenient time!” added Akothee.

Picha iliyowekwa na meneja wake

Akothee collapsed at a Geneva train station when she was on her way to a prenatal visit with her doctor.

She was rushed to hospital but unfortunately, one of the twin’s hearts could not be heard and it was reported that the songstress bled.

The news of her hospitalization was also made public on her social media accounts.

0fgjhs32uvjpkuofe.e2b734ccAkothee was admitted in a Switzerland hospital today, Tuesday, August 30, after she collapsed at a train station. One of her unborn twin’s life is in danger. Image: Facebook/ Akothee

“The condition as per now is not good she was expecting twins but the doctor can’t feel the second heartbeat. We are crossing fingers as the lives of both are in danger,” said Nelson as quoted in EDaily

Her manager, Nelson, came under fire for asking her fans to respect Akothee and her family’s privacy despite posting pictures of the artiste in critical condition in her hospital bed.

The twins would have been the sixth pair of Akothee’s children. She has three daughters and two young sons.

0fgjhs5th8c2kqa5s.53bbaf6bAkothee with all her children.

We at wish Akothee a speedy recovery and offer her our condolences on the loss of her unborn twins.