Deputy President William Ruto has had a torrid last 24 hours after one Prisca Chemutai Bett sued him for child abandonment. The DP later acknowledged that indeed he has a child with Prisca. Singer Akothee, who also happens to have sired children with several different men, weighs in on the issue.

The internet was blown into a frenzy after news that DP Ruto had a child with one Prisca Chemutai while he was still trying to find his way around the political scene.

Following the accusations, many were waiting in suspense to see how the DP would react to the allegations, and it must be said that his statement surprised many.

The DP acknowledged he had a child with the woman, and added that the kin was being well catered for.

One lady who knows baby daddy drama all too well is Akothee and on hearing of the ongoing DP’s woes, she was quick to add her input on the issue.

The ‘benefactor’ singer lauded Uhuru’s number two for coming forth to claim his child, adding that not too many men can have the guts admit to their ‘illegitimate’ children.

“I am proud of the Deputy President. If it is true that he has been taking care of the child and gave the lady a job, then he is responsible,” Akothee was quoted by edaily.

Despite the fact that Ruto and Prisca have clashing stories on whether the DP is taking care of his other family, Akothee was content with the fact that the DP admitted to the child being his.

“Bottom line: Because the DP just accepted that he is the child’s father, I am proud of him. Some of us were thrown out by a white guy just because they were pregnant,” She said.

Following the allegations, Ruto has come out to say that the case filed against him by Chemutai is not for the welfare of the 11-year old child but a ploy by his political enemies to take him down. In addition, Ruto reveals that he gave Chemutai a lucrative job that fetches her Ksh 90,000 monthly.

The DP has three daughters and two other sons whom he proudly shows at public functions.

Watch DP Ruto crying on stage below: