Have you ever seen a mother of five stun in a body that looks like a teenager’s hitting puberty?

My first thought when I see Akothee in booty shorts and crop tops is, how on earth is her figure like that if she’s got five kids holding onto her skirts?

I mean, you’ve got women struggling with baby fat and gym after one child but this female lion over here is killing it with the abs and toned body.

What is!

If ever you’ve had body issues, then get ready to have them trebled –and thank Akothee while you are at it.

Looking at her children, and her busy schedule, you’ve got to wonder where she gets the time to keep fit.

She’s probably reading this and thinking ‘shindeni hapo na hizo 9-5 na wengine wetu we’re enjoying life rich, happy and healthy’.

In a perfect world, I wish I had Akothee’s body and self-esteem to slay in bikinis and booty shorts.

I wish to have her sense of humor- in the face of tragedy (the loss of her unborn twins) and even when she’s simply having fun.

And in that life, I will teach her to stand strong in the face of adversity, just like Akothee did when she had to raise 5 kids on her own, start her own businesses to survive and enjoy a thriving career no matter how old you are.

So, cheers, to the sexiest mother of five in Kenya- slaying day in day out with zero chills about what anyone says.


akotheeAkothee with her brood.