Akothee’s rise to fame and wealth is one heartbreaking but encouraging story for any individual who wants to be successful.


In an interview with Jalang’o and Jeff Koinange at Hot 96 FM, Akothee says she made  her first million after requesting for transport money from her Swiss baby daddy who dumped her after getting her pregnant.


After getting dumped, she traveled back to Kenya and paid money to deliver a baby at a small hospital. She eventually bought herself her second car.

She went back to her hustle as a taxi driver and her life changed after she met another French foreigner who happened to be one of her passengers. He was touched since he saw her breast milk pouring down her clothes.

The man showed interest in her despite her attitude towards white men and later invited her to Djibouti. She later discovered the guy was the French Ambassador to Djibouti.

A lot of successful artistes like Rihanna , Beyonce and Jay Z have been accused of being involved in  the Illuminati due to their success in the music industry.


Madam Boss has however condemned people who say she may have joined the Illuminati to have the amount of money she has today.

This is what she said;

”Most people say I am in Illuminati Where is  this Illuminati. I believe that is a game for lazy people.Most people ask me akothee tutafutie mzungu . I HUSTLE, A white man will not give a stupid person their money you must have brains.”