Just days after bashing her critics on social media over her choice of dress, Madam Boss has revealed her new plan before the end of 2016.


Her new resolution revolves around childbirth and her dress code.

akotheekenya Revolution 2016 no more baby making , no dressing , mama amekataa kuvaa nguo , I just want to travel the world explore enjoy life & see

Akothee hit a rough patch after losing her twin pregnancy while in Geneva, she took time off to recuperate asking for prayers from her loyal fans.

This may be credited to why she isn’t planning to add any more children to her large brood.


The debate on her choice of costume during a show in Lodwar has also made her make a decision about dressing.

Maybe she plans to continue wearing weird looking ensembles or dress skimpily but it is obvious she is not planning to dress the same she has before.


As 2016 slowly comes to a close, her main agenda is now to travel the world and explore maybe together with her five children.

Cheers! Madam Boss.