Singer Akothee has hit back at her critics over her outfit ensemble she wore to a show in Lodwar. Critics claimed this was probably one of her worst outfits she has ever worn to any event.0fgjhs3sum58mu7hr-da893370

Some said outfit resembled a swimming costume, wondering how her stylist let her leave the house looking the way she did.

In case you have no idea what this is all about, Akothee wore the outfit (pictured above) which garnered lots of negative reactions on social media.

To her defence, Akothee says, in fact, her outfit was worth Ksh, 35,000.

Yes, you read that right.

akotheekenyaOnly those with inferiority complex complains bitterly about my performance costume, otherwise if you had a body that could rock that a tire, trust me you could order from my personal designer @phina_marcotte, it’s cheap goes for $ 350 , come witness what I have for it’s gonna be maaadness #sumbuaaataarif


Critics claimed the ensemble has to be Akothee’s worst outfit pick of all time.

In addition, she told her critics asking them to catch flights and not feelings.

akotheekenyaIf you call this a swimming costume ,well I don’t blame you because the closest you have been to a pool is on internet !we understand, listen when I don’t reply to your comments is because I want to be nice ,for I can finish some people here with just a sentence , go check the last time you changed your panties are they not from 2014 ? Am just asking ?????? let’s catch flights not feelings