Akothee is a woman full of surprises and we have all come to terms with that. She is also the queen of pulling stunts and making sure everyone believes it.

Well, social media has blown up after a video went viral of a dirty Akothee wailing and being held by men. Ok, let’s break this down. Akothee always has a way of telling a story when it comes to her music. She has pulled a number of publicity stunts, which evidently ended up being clips or photos from her music videos.


Remember when she fooled the entire country into thinking she was finally off the market and had gotten married to a mzungu mzee? Yes, we all believed it and looked like fools when she finally released her music video, ‘Yuko Moyoni’.

In this disturbing video doing rounds, Akothee is seen crying, wearing dirty clothes and one of her legs has a bandage. Some men gather around to help her (so we tend to believe), but when the crowd gets bigger, they carry her away as she cries saying her leg hurts really bad, urging the passers by to give her a lift. Some words are still not audible enough.


What seems to not make sense is that Akothee is always posting stuff on her social media accounts, but off late she hasn’t fed her accounts with anything. The last post she put up was a day ago and she was talking about one of her songs hiting three million views on Youtube.

So could this be a serious matter or is it one of her mad acting skills? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, watch the disturbing video below: