Singer Akothee has been taken ill after suffering food poisoning

After losing her twin pregnancy more than a month ago, sassy Kenyan Musician Akothee has been up and about and seem to have recovered fast.


Akothee when she lost her pregnancy in September . She has been left bedridden after she suffered food poisoning after eating sea food.

From bagging an award to holding lavish parties, Akothee has been eating life with a big spoon.

But that eating seem to have brought her trouble if her latest Instagram post is anything to go by.



Akothee has been taken ill after consuming sea food while in Mombasa together with her manager Nelly Oaks and she can’t wait to have the bad food out of her system.

She revealed that Nelly too suffered the most from the same food poisoning.

Akothee vowed never to eat sea food again following the illness which left her lying in bed

“I will never eat sea food again in my life, food poisoning is a terrible feeling, anyone with an idea how we can flash this monster out of our systems! This thing is migrating with my intestines, @nellyoaks is even worse,” she wrote on Instagram.

Alongside the post was a photo of Akothee lying down in what looks like a sleeping gown.

She did not indicate whether she had gone to hospital given that food poisoning can be nasty.

Get well soon Akothee.