It is cat fight season.

A fan has put Akothee on blast saying she must have something to do with a Facebook profile that almost conned her of Sh2 million.

The fan, Cindy Carpino wants Akothee to caution fans on dealing with the Facebook Profile, Akothee Kenya.

Cindy cautioned fans,
“Hello ladies and gentlemen. Am just a victim of Akothee. My question is very simple. Who is akothee real one and the akothee kenya on face book coz on the first picture she posted she’s with akothee kenya who tried to CON ME Kes 2 million but it bounced.

Can you please help a sister here coz akothee kenya has blocked me.
Save other kenyans who want to be like her including me, yesterday but now, NO.”

Here are some screenshots of Cindy’s interaction with the Akothee Kenya profile on Facebook.

Here is what Akothee wrote, “Madam , am too busy to steal your pocket change online, even your pocket change can’t feed my dogs forget about #teambigfive do I look like a key board gangster to you ? this year I won’t take any crap from anyon , trying to accuse my brand or associate my brand with online theft, infact, I will start by dealing with you the so called “Akothee ameniibia kwa inbox” you started by Omena business, then you came up with some ugly nudes from I don’t know where uploaded on YouTube & name it Akothee , my inbox was full from people I talked to decades ago , thank God they are still following , but you get Ebola when I post bikini photos , & when I will post my own nudes because they are prettier ! you will remind me of me being a mother & a role model, you again you came up with me selling women photos in Europe for white people I don’t know to which market ,, I wonder why my causins were not victims of this circumstance because they are very beautiful too , you came up with me vying for Women rep with a Jubilee ticket ,I wonder where my voting rights went too ! Don’t associate me with politics I don’t want to go broke ! , I am not your keeper & I can’t control key boardgames & gangsters online be wise & stop being hungry for riches , jumping on every proposal especially with strangers & to make matters worse on face book ! are you maaaaaaad !!!!! it’s good you associate me with money , yes I love my own hard earned cash money is sweet ! I DON’T TAG PEOPLE ON FACE BOOK , THEY TAG THEMSELVES . NITAKUIBIA PESA NA MIMI NDIO PESA YENYEWE