Akothee is a woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t care for subtlety. In short being subtle is not her strong point. Hata kidogo.

A Turkana fan who attended her show this weekend posted a nasty comment on her Facebook page, dissing her stage performance costume.


The fan by the name, Luke Steel wrote, “Kwa stage ukiperfom na swimming costumes? Aki ushamba ni kitu haitolewi na shule, pesa or being around rich people.”

Unbeknownst to Luke, he had stepped on a rattle snake’s tail. Alikua amerusha mawe police station.

The Yuko Moyoni star took to her facebook page and wrote a new post just to address Luke and other fans who were dissing her costume.

Akothee wrote, “Only those with inferiority complex complains bitterly about my performance costume, otherwise if you had a body that could rock that attire, trust me you could order from my personal designer @phina_marcotte, it’s cheap, goes for $ 350.”