Akothee is a free spirited woman who says whatever she wants whenever she wants. Your negative opinions don’t faze her. Because she is the Madam Boss, she owes no one any explanation.

For years she has always said what is in her mind and it doesn’t seem like that’s about to change anytime soon.


Even though last year was a successful year for her, it was also a painful one. She lost her twins after she fell at a train station. Even for the tough ones, pain is something we all experience.

Akothee has always said that she loves to give birth and is not about to stop anytime soon. Well, she has  revealed that baby number six is on the way.

My greatest hobby is giving birth , take it or leave it , you won’t beat me 😂😂 baby no. 6 is on the way , baby daddy mtajua tu that’s my choice of life, choose a struggle.”

So if you thought she was done, think again.