Singer Akothee  spent this Christmas in the company of her ex husband who fathered her first born son. The fella who she Wuon Oyoo flew all the way to Kenya just to be with his kid for the festive season.

From the posts shared by Akothee, Oyoo’s father seems to have spent quite an amount of cash on the boys gifts. For this reason Akothee went on to shower the fella with praises saying that she would let him baby sit anytime since he is responsible.

In her post, Akothee went on to hint that she could be expecting a child with Nelly Oaks, her manager. Though pulled down the post moments later, it read saying;

“Wuon Oyoo Daktari, I will let you have the children anytime of the day , hata huyu nitazaa nikuletee France apate passport ya huko tikiti babake nelly atanunua (I will give birth to this baby and bring him to France so he can get a French passport. The baby’s father-Nelly will buy the plane ticket)”

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

About 2 weeks ago the two were photographed enjoying their vacation and judging from how Nelly Oaks captioned his photos, word has it that they are an item.