So by now most of you know Akothee aka Madam Boss for her for money, music, her children and baby daddies. And she never shies away from courting controvery with her never ending posts full of dramatic narrations.
On Thursday, June 29, she shocked her fanbase after revealing she is probably still engaged to her fiancee, the man who picked her from her pauper life and managed to turn her into the stunning baby mama she is.
That was not all, she had more up her sleeve and hours later unveiled a photo of one of her Swiss baby daddies on Instagram. Ojwang’s dad.
Turns out the father to her first year-old son is Akothee’s favorite baby daddy, remember she has three so far.On a long post on social media, the mother of five celebrated the Swiss national and detailed their hate love relationship for the past years.
This far we have come papa Ojwang I love how we fight 4 times a year & block each other on wassup but after 1 week we call again and laugh. When I told him he won’t get rid of me in his life till death! he said am dreaming , he cant wait for the boy to turn 18 so he can kick my as* am dying ,papa come slow, wewe na mimi, na mimi na wewe, ukibandua , nabandika , I miss your chicken , swiss here we come…..
…..I asked why he didnt marry me , he said ,that is suicide ati ,he would be dead by now “NO MAN CAN MARRY YOU , YOU ARE TOO TOUGH FOR A NORMAL MAN TO HANDLE ” says papa Ojwang .
but he would beat up any man trying to tamper with my heart . I am his final baby mama , and we gossip alot by the way, he is my gossip mate, my baby daddy rocks , burry the past and embrace the present situation and focus on the future, my .