Akothee has had a fling with a handful of white men. The flamboyant singer however only loves one white man whom she refers to as Dr.K.

Akothee’s five kids were fathered by three men of different races and nationalities. Akothee’s three girls; Vesha, Rue and Makadia were fathered by the singer’s Kenyan ex-husband. Her two boys were fathered by two white men.

Akothee’s three white lovers and baby daddies

Akothee unmasked her old Swiss lover sometimes in October 2016. The singer shared selfie snaps of her man and her putting an end to the curiosity that has plagued everyone.

Ojwang’s French father

Akothee’s eldest son Ojwang was fathered by a Frenchman. The flamboyant songbird revealed that Ojwang’s father is a ruthless beast who kicked her out of his home in winter season when she was 9 months pregnant with his son. This was before he told Akothee to abort the unborn baby.

Ojwang’s father

Oyoo’s father

He’s the one Akothee calls Dr.K. Oyoo’s father is the only man Akothee still loves with every fiber of her being and every breath of her body.

Akothee recently poured out her heart to Oyoo’s father. Read her post below:

The only thing I can say is, I sincerely miss you , the heart of Gold you have penzi yangu , , I met you as I was lactating , milk was oozing from my blouse as if I was a cow from grade 2 , you allowed me to be me and do what I wanted , you could prepare soup for me when I came back hangovered from a long girly party night , I could hear you screem to the employees to keep quite mama is a sleep , but I was busy nursing a hangover.