It has been rumoured that Akothee and her manager have been enjoying each other to a more relationship than work related. But Madam boss Akothee has always denied this allegation and confessed that though she admires her manager that given a chance she wouldn’t mind dating him.

Akothee has been posting suggestive messages on her social media how she admires her manager saying that he is more of a friend. And recently she confessed that her manager knows how to treat ladies. And also that even her children report her to him (manager) if she does anything that makes them unhappy.

This an eye opener inside that there is more than meets the eyes. Though she vehemently refused to admit to relationship, she has been posting pictures that speak more than spoken words. For a picture speaks a thousand words.

Remember recently Akothee cancelled her wedding the last minute and said marriage is not a priority but her “work”. May be it’s because of the soft spot she has with the manager.

This young man is equally confused by the love he has been showered with, that even a minute means a lot without Akothee. That means what they share is from the deep of their hearts, they are madly in love.

I know you are wondering why I’m writing this. But this is what her manager wrote;


In a recent post, Nelly Oaks was seen sleeping as he wrote;

“missing you already , my world is empty without you 😷😷”

Lets just say Akothee was attending to her motherly duties as he was busy traveling.