Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, known to you and I as Akothee, recently sparked controversy after sending a message many deemed as sweet to her manager Nelson Oyugi.

The singer was celebrating her first anniversary with the lad who is known as Nelly Oaks in the entertainment circles.

Her choice of words further fueled the rumors that have been doing rounds suggesting that there is more than a working relationship between the two.

This is what she posted:

As usual, netizens had a thing or two to say about the message. While some read too much into her message, others said it was very kind of her to appreciate her employee.

Here are some of the reactions:

Evans Ochieng Nelson’s wife, if you’re sitting pretty saying my hubby is a professional manager who is strong & principled, then you need an Interdenominational prayer plus 10 barrels of anointing oil. Lol
Riziki MantashaaAkotheee that’s so kind of you, its rare to find a boss appreciate their worker….. Hope the manager is managing everything 😂😂😂😂
I love you Akoth yawa !
Isabella Sile Appreciation is a great principle in friendships and this includes relationships & marriage.
Whether Akothee appreciates @Nelly as a friend, boyfriend, fiancé, manager or husband doesn’t make a difference. She has nailed it- How many of you have done that today ? Swallow Meds for your own illness. You need it more.
Paul Williums Nelson the manager, Akothee has spoken she has shown her real feelings and yr gd work. Its never ezy fr a woman to open up as such she has appreciated even the bond u hv with the kids..
My take.. Marrying her is not the solution but maintaining yr gd wrk, do all uve bin doing under that roof with no limit, having such a talent isn’t easy. Do what took you there without thinking otherwise or else the best you’ve done shall perish and u wiil end up worst than the rest. Maintain yr dignity, thats where yr respect n appreciations lies.
Antony AmimoHope your manager is working under you with trust. It is very important for employees to work under their bosses with trust.
Wema Reborn Human beings, so now Akothee won’t appreciate her manager coz u think she’s having “” with him, when will pple stop criticizing others? Please Akothee, go on , appreciate him again and again…. If they talk more, appreciate his father too, Kenyans uwa mnabore at times. Its good to appreciate