Tanzanian singers Ali Kiba and Barakah Da Prince were attacked and robbed in South Africa by an armed gang that comprised six members Thursday morning, eDaily has learnt.

The duo had flown to Johannesburg, South Africa Wednesday morning for video shoot and other business operations.

“Ali Kiba and Barakah Da Prince were together with their team members preparing to begin their meeting at one of the companies in S.A’s capital,” an official statement by Rockstar4000 management says in part.

“Six men, who were armed with guns, brought down glass walls of the office and attacked members of the gathering that comprised Ali Kiba and Barakah Da Prince,” read the Rockstar4000 management circular.

“The gang robbed Kiba and his crew property of unknown value. The burglars also made away with office equipment. Fortunately, Ali Kiba, Barakah Da Prince and the rest of the victims of robbery were left unhurt.

“Ali Kiba and Barakah Da Prince wish to allay fears resulting from the incident. The two will rest for one day so that they can forget about the unfortunate incident. However, they will continue with their projects and see them to completion. Their scheduled performances in S.A. and other parts of the world will be fulfilled,” concluded the statement.