Ali kiba is a darling in East Africa and he has massive number of followers. For his soft soothing, pleasant, beautiful voice. He is also handsome and charming.

For sure, ladies die to have him as their Bae. And for this reason he has sired three kids with different women and he is not is ready to settle down anytime soon.

Diamonds number one competitor in everything, long lasting rumour has it that they don’t see eye to eye and this has made their fans to be divided and at cross roads.

I almost for got to say that Ali confessed that he doesn’t know how to approach a lady, which means his baby mamas wana ingiaga tu kwa box yake kwa kumpenda. He makes no effort requesting for formal girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, it just happens..

But this weekend he has really done something so hilarious when he dressed in skirt and woman top in lip sync competition which was being hosted by MTV awards. It was so shocking to see him dressed like a woman.

Though he won the competition against a Nigerian, simi. But what people couldn’t get out of their mind is the kind of dressing he was in. And fans trolled him on social media, they couldn’t spare him.

We love him and his music but he doesn’t have to dress like a lady to win. And put on make like a lady…maybe he wanted to look of a woman to be like the woman like the original singer for the song he was presenting. Maybe…

He even wore lip gloss…oooh my! hope he will never do this in the future. Im just requesting him not to.