A lady rumored to the latest catch of Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has surfaced.
Photos of the lady alongside the “Seduce me” singer have taken the internet by storm, with fans questioning the nature of the relationship between the two.
As far as the public knows, Ali Kiba has three baby mommas
If the latest suggestive photos are anything to go by, it seems Ali Kiba and the lady seem to have some sort of romantic relationship.
Speaking on the photos, however, Ali Kiba dismissed them , adding that they were simply photos he had taken with a fan.
“Ni ujinga tu, kwanza pale watu wanaona ni kama kwenye mapokezi,sema kwa sababu watu wameamua kuongea acha waongee lakini katika hilo wanalofikiria hakuna ukweli wowote, (It is nonsense. People have seen the photos and decided to start talking rumors. Let them talk)” He said.
His impending love scandal comes hot of the heels of his rival Diamond’s baby momma drama.
Diamond recently admitted to cheating on Zari Hassan with Hamissa Mobetto and a child came out of the whole affair.