Check out how super adorable Ali Kiba’s kids are !!! And how he cherishes them even though they are by different women.

Bongo stars are really popular in East Africa, more so Kenya where their music tends to be preferred over Kenyan artistes’.

Tanzania bongo superstars.

They love to document their lives for the sake of giving fans an insight into what their lives are all about aside from what we see on television.

One such artiste is King Kiba. Loved by all women, envied by all men.

He has such a face on him that women literally throw themselves at him. Take for instance when he was in Mombasa county in September and some mama leaked a convo of how their one night stand was epic.

He performed at ODM’s 10th-anniversary bash in Mombasa

This brings me to his kids manenoz. Beautiful children, tv type of faces but- all have a different mum.

Yap, he’s that type of guy…three baby mamaz and no sight of him settling down any time soon.

Check out his absolutely beautiful kids in the following pictures.



In a recent interview, he was asked why he hadn’t settled down yet. The soft spoken heart throb poured his hurt out…


…he said it is impossible to marry someone if there is no understanding in the relationship…



…his intention was always to marry the woman who had his children from the very beginning.but things always ended up going sideways, they’d argue and she’d leave…


…He believes that no one can force love on another as he’d rather stay with someone who understands him.


His children are Amiya, Chamy and Sameer Kiba, all from three different women with whom he still has friendly ties with.


Unfortunately, he lost his first born son in 2010 following heart and breathing problems.

Ali Kiba is pretty lovey dovey about his kids on his social media pages especially when celebrating their milestones.What more can you ask for from a career musician with a heart of gold when it comes to his kids.