Jokate Mwegelo is Ali Kibas Ex who has dified all odds to be in the forbes 30 under 30. The former Tanzanian beauty has been making strides even after her relationship with Ali fell apart, she steered on.

The fashionister who is smooth manuver doesn’t put her things in the social as other Tanzanian models do,but makes moves according to calculations and hence making money and focus.

She and Ali Kiba dated on the low key for months after which she called it quits over irreconcilable differences.

Jokate seems to be having new year’s resolution, based in her love life. Well, she has called upon this year to bring her the man of her dreams, probably not Ali Kiba this time round.

“Oh 2018 bring me my hubby already 😏. I’m ready. ❤️ #Amen.” She wrote


 And yes, terms and conditions apply. I mean, a lady who has been among the Forbes 30 under 30 is not settling for less.

“Vigezo na Masharti Kuzingatiwa. ❤️”she added

Well, Jokate seems to have all a man could ask for, talk about the looks, the brains and the achievement, girl got all that in one.