Ali kiba has three kids and with different mamas, and if you thought that he was bothered you are wrong. As a superstar nowadays siring kids with different ladies is kind of a swagg, or? Cause it’s happening everywhere in secular as well as gospel.

Or maybe you have been off air to know gospelĀ  singer Bahatis breaking news of her biological daughter, after two years of denial, now you know. So, is Ali kiba, Diamond and others. The good thing is, Ali Kiba acknowledges his children and no drama.

As He said all baby mamas Sire his children willingly before marriage and he is not one person who would talk you to get into his box but his charming looks coerce you to do the unthinkable.

Anyway, He was wishing his only son who is a look alike Ramadhan wishes and as we know, with social media when they notice anything alarming, they take over and couldn’t hide shock when they noticed the resemblance that his son is true replica of himself.

From looks dressing and swagg. He is said to have massive followers on social media so are Diamond Platnumz kids. Because of their fathers fame, people would love to know what happens to them through social media.

Check out their pics Below;