Gay pride is here to stay! At least if you understand that what a person chooses to do is entirely upon them as long as they do not do it to a child.

And indeed Alvin Kabogo is aware of the fact seeing as he chose to show support to all the homosexuals out there. He was probably just there for the rave but I still found it rather interesting to see.

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Rich kids of Instagram anyone? No? Of course not. It gets to a point at which these kids done grow up and when it happens, we must respect their flossing as such and going shopping in Milan’s oldest shopping mall and indeed one of the oldest in the world is not something kids do.


Still, I can’t help but wonder about the prices but before my mind wanders too far ahead of itself, allow me to reign it in and get into what exactly happened.
Alvin Kabogo, the handsome (according to my very thirsty colleagues Madam Cynthia and Nyotason of Kabogo decided to go out with his Brighton University classmates for a tour of Milan and they just had to pass by the oldest shopping mall in the world.