Legendary singer Cecilia Wairimu who is famously known as Amani is one of the most beautiful female artists we have in Kenya. The sultry singer made a name for herself musically and has never stopped making good music with her latest hit songs being Heart breaker and Bon Bon. Other than her musical life, Amani has never been married before but she is currently dating her Naija boyfriend Chinasa Udeala. However unlike her peers, she has never had kids before and this is the reason why.


Amani has been silently suffering from Fibroids, a disease that is common in most women that prevents them from having kids. The singer has been undergoing treatment to curb this ailment which usually re-occurs after sometime even after being cleared through surgery. Her last surgery for the disease was eight years ago but this year it re occurred and she underwent surgery soon after launching Bon Bon.

Sources close to her told us that she has been trying to have kids of her own with her current boyfriend but has not been successful yet due to this disease. We here at The Evening post Pray for her and hope God will take this nightmare away from her since its every woman’s dream to have kids of their own.