Former Miss Tanzania 2006 Wema Sepetu has finally revealed the main reason she has been gaining weight and yes a man is involved judging from her recent post on Instagram.

The lass says that she has been at peace for a while now and has not been hitting the gym for quite sometime now. Wema Sepetu jokingly added that her man has refused to accompany her to the gym since he fears that he will be starring at her the whole time as she works out.
This has left fans excited as they believe that their ‘Kamanda’ has finally found someone new or is secretly seeing Idris Sultan who recently revealed that they are still in-touch but are not as close as they were before. Anyway, Wema wrote to say,

Kibonge wa nani huyu…? Sema kwakweli Gym inanihusu kwa Herufi Kubwa…. Ila pia Amani ya Moyo imechangia saaana kwa kugain kwangu… Im soooo at Peace… Naipenda Chadema yangu Haswaa…. Bae nae kakataa ku work out na mimi, eti anasema hatoweza kufocus atakuwa ananiangalia tu….🙄🙄🙄… Ngoja nirudi nitaendelea tu na @coy_mzungu … Coy this time no Jokes..

However, judging from how private they have been keeping their lives…many believe that they are still together. We are yet to find out whether the lass is pregnant but chances are pretty high since she has been posting alot of baby pictures which reveal she is suffering from the baby fever!