One thing is certain, showbiz is the middle name of some Ugandans. Not far back, the yellow bootilicious Fabiola made it clear to the whole nation how Meddie was an unlearned fellow and nothing on his mind besides partying.
Meddie Ssentongo and Fabiola ballin' at Club Guvnor
Meddie Ssentongo and Fabiola ballin’ at club Gurvnor

Well, we maintained our silence on that, assuming it was either post breakup emotions spaking or she decided she didn’t want tp deal with petty things but instead build her future and was done with her wild partying ways. But alas! Over the weekend, the two were spotted at Club Guvnor toasting away to the beauty of life. Of course, they will both assure us how they are just old friends catching up but we all know the genesis of their story!

Let’s keep watching the space to see, a secret wedding may be in the finale episode of this Ugandan soap.


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